Ohio House of Science and Engineering

Future Volunteers

OHSE takes Ohio State student volunteers, as well as industry volunteers into the classrooms to present the experiments to children excited about learning. Volunteers, whom usually serve in the elementary and middle school programs (WOW and [WOW] 2) get a chance to help the teachers facilitate science experiments in the classroom and provide more individual assistance to the students.

Prior to classroom visits, OHSE staff will offer workshops to volunteers in the form of Volunteer Meetings once every six weeks. For the OSU volunteers the meetings take place at the Ohio State University (click here for the map) and for the industry volunteers, OHSE staff can conduct the volunteer trainings at their location. The volunteer meetings usually last about 1-2hrs, each focusing on different science concepts. At each workshop a detailed description of the project is provided. The session begins with a discussion of supplemental background information, and then continues with a demonstration of each experiment. The volunteers then work through all of the experiments and the results and explanations are discussed with the entire group.

OHSE staff provides transportation to and from the Ohio State University campus to the school and provide all the necessary materials for the experiments. Classroom visits take about 2 hrs., including the transportation, and volunteers can sign up for as many times as they like depending on their schedules. Common times for classroom visits are between 9.00-11.00am, 12.30-3.00pm.

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