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  [Wonders of Our World] 2 Program - [W.O.W.] 2

About the program


[W.O.W.] 2 is the science outreach program for middle school students. The OHSE staff work collaboratively with interested middle school teachers on exciting hands-on experiments to conduct in their classrooms.


  •   Improve students' comprehension and enjoyment of science;
  •   Increase the school's standardized science test scores;
  •   Foster mentoring relationships between scientists and teachers;
  •   Expand the experiments the teachers have to choose from for science instruction;
  •   Disseminate [W.O.W.] 2 model and materials to other middle schools.

How it works

Teachers who are involved in the program are offered a series of at least six workshops, each focusing on a different concept, throughout the school year. At each workshop a detailed description of the project is provided. A set of handouts including teachers' guides for each experiment, a reference list with all citations for books that were used to generate the set of experiments, and a list of related children's literature is distributed to the teachers.

In the few days following each workshop, teachers choose the experiments they would like to do in their classrooms. Workshops are scheduled at least four weeks before classroom presentations, so the teachers have time to prepare any desired introductory work for their students. Classroom presentations of the projects, in which the elementary students work through the experiments typically, take 45-60 minutes to perform.

Volunteers, who have been trained in workshops similar to the teacher workshops, help the teachers facilitate the experiments in the classroom and provide more individual assistance to the students. The organization of the program involves one lead scientist and a group of volunteer scientists for each school. The lead scientist coordinates the projects for the school and conducts the teacher workshops and volunteer training sessions. Volunteer scientists assist the teachers by helping facilitate the experiments in the classroom.

How to get involved

If you are interested in having [W.O.W.] 2 in your school or volunteering in the program please contact, [W.O.W.] 2 Program Coordinator, Ms. Mirella Harrington. Email: harrington.239@osu.edu; Phone: (614) 688-0501.

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