Ohio House of Science and Engineering

About Us

Ohio House of Science and Engineering (OHSE) is the science and engineering consortium within the Ohio State University that aims to improve science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) education throughout central Ohio in grades K-20.

It has numerous well-established STEM outreach and public science literacy programs that have been serving the community for over 15 years and serve on average 2000-2500 students and over 100 teachers per year. In addition to outreach efforts from academia, OHSE brings together scientists and engineers in the private industry with Ohio’s teachers to improve science and technology education in their classrooms. Over the years, companies like Battelle and Chemical Abstracts participated heavily in these efforts and OHSE is committed to expand these efforts to a wider spectrum.


  •   Establish collaborations between scientists and K-12 school districts;
  •   Engage active scientists and engineers in the community to participate in K-20 science outreach efforts;
  •   Provide opportunities for talented undergraduate/graduate STEM majors to volunteer in local schools;
  •   Facilitate sharing of resources and ideas among existing science and engineering outreach groups to amplify the outcomes of their efforts.
  • Job/Internship opportunities for COF Scholars. Click here
  • Congratulations to the first cohort of OHSE STEM graduates.
  • OHSE students received mentor training from the Mentoring Center of Central Ohio and received National Mentoring Certification.
  • Volunteers are being accepted for the WOW program (www.wow.osu.edu)

How to get involved


OHSE provides opportunities for scientists, engineers and STEM major college students to serve as STEM team leaders in local schools. OHSE staff will train volunteers through workshops; supply all the necessary materials and provide transportation to and from schools.

If you are interested in volunteering,

If your school wants to experience OHSE programs,


W.O.W. program supports the elementary teachers by bringing hands-on science experiments into the classrooms. W.O.W. is in operation for 13 years and has served more than 400 elementary school teachers in central Ohio. For more information about W.O.W. program please visit our website at http://wow.osu.edu

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[W.O.W] 2 is the science outreach program for middle school students. The OHSE staff work collaboratively with interested middle school teachers on exciting hands-on experiments to conduct in their classrooms.

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OSTEP is the outreach program to increase the number of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) graduates in Ohio. Program offers a Summer Bridge Program for entering STEM major freshmen at the Ohio State University.

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The GK-12 program is designed to partner elementary school teachers and scientists. Program involves collaboration between 3rd – 5th grade teachers and science graduate students. For more information about the Science Fellows Supporting Teachers (SFST) - NSF GK-12 Program please visit our website at http://gk-12.osu.edu

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Program provides scholarships to qualified freshmen STEM majors at the Ohio State University, who are then trained to become leaders and peer mentors in OHSE outreach programs.

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