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Battelle is an internationally recognized science and technology enterprise that is located in Columbus OH. The company explores emerging areas of science, develops and commercializes technology, and manages laboratories for customers both from private businesses and the U.S. government.

Battelle is also an important advocate in education programs within the community. Team Battelle, Battelle's employee driven volunteer initiative, is involved heavily with the OHSE’s elementary and middle school programs (WOW and [WOW]2) for over 10 years. Each year about thirty volunteer scientists, under the direction of team leader Matt Mowrer, work collaboratively with the OHSE staff on engaging elementary school science experiments and volunteer in OHSE affiliated schools.

We would like to thank to Battelle volunteers for their cooperation and commitment to improving STEM education in Ohio’s schools.

Some of the Education volunteers initiatives at Battelle:

  •   COSI
  •   Longfellow Elementary School
  •   Metro High School
  •   American Chemical Society
  •   Wonders of our World
  •   UNCF

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